Batman Vol. 1 #241 DC Comics T-Shirt


Batman Vol. 1 #241 DC Comics T-Shirt T-shirts


This Batman t-shirt features an image of the Caped Crusader from the cover artwork for Batman Vol. 1 #241, titled “At Dawn Dies Mary MacGuffin!”

In this issue, When some classified documents are stolen from a Government building, Batman is called to find the documents. The Dark Knight deduces that the documents were stolen by an employee at the building and when his theory turns out to be true, he must find where spymaster Colonel Sulphur is hiding the government employee’s kidnapped wife before he can kill her in vengeance for not being given the classified documents.

Everyone will immediately know that you are a fan of the Dark Knight when you wear this Batman Vol. 1 #241 DC Comics T-Shirt!

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Batman Vol. 1 #241 DC Comics T-Shirt

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