Kirk Phased First Star Trek T-Shirt


Kirk Phased First Star Trek T-Shirt T-shirts


This Star Trek t-shirt features an 8-bit image of Captain Kirk firing a makeshift weapon at a Gorn. The shirt reads Kirk Phased First!

In the Star Trek episode “Arena”, Captain Kirk was forced into a battle to the death with the captain of the Gorn species. Kirk used stalks of bamboo and raw chemicals to create a weapon to fire at the Gorn. Kirk won the battle, but in true heroic form, he refused to kill the Gorn.

The “Kirk Phase First!” on this t-shirt is a reference to the debate of who shot first between Han Solo and Greedo in the Star Wars universe.

“Arena” is consistently regarded as one of the best episodes of the original Star Trek series. Everyone will know you are a fan when you wear this Kirk Phased First Star Trek T-Shirt!

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Kirk Phased First Star Trek T-Shirt

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