Mickey Goldmill Rocky T-Shirt


Mickey Goldmill Rocky T-Shirt T-shirts


This Rocky t-shirt features an image of Mickey Goldmill, the legendary boxing manager that led the Italian Stallion on an unbelievable journey that made Rocky Balboa one of the most popular boxers in cinematic history!

Mickey Goldmill was born in 1905, and boxed professionally from 1922 to 1943. After his retirement, Mickey opened Mighty Mick’s boxing gym in Philadelphia. One of the regulars at the gym was Rocky Balboa, a local club fighter who never realized his potential. With Mickey in his corner, Rocky went the distance with Apollo Creed in an epic match. In a historic rematch, Rocky defeated Apollo for the heavyweight title. In 1981, Rocky agreed to a match with Clubber Lang, who pushed Mickey into a wall, causing Mickey to have a heart attack. Distracted by Mickey’s health, Rocky lost in his match against Clubber Lang. After the fight, Rocky was by Mickey’s side as he died. Mickey’s last words were “I love you, kid. I love you”.

Show everyone that you are a fan of Rock Balboa’s legendary trainer and mentor with this Mickey Goldmill Rocky T-Shirt!

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Mickey Goldmill Rocky T-Shirt

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