Muscles in the Family – chapter 12


Muscles in the Family – chapter 12


Chapter 12: little playthings

Hailey tells Hannah she got a nice present from daddy, and tells daddy her sister should get something as well. While daddy and his oldest stepdaughter are negotiating about the gift, someone else runs in on them…

Still the same day, Leon has a deep conversation with with his sort-of-girlfriend Beth about his desire for strong and dominating muscular women – there’s no way avoiding it now that Hannah has spilled the beans. Beth tries to find a solution…

While Hailey is still away, Hannah receives tiny Frankie at home – she calls him shrimpie, but decides that’s not quite fitting – and later gets Hailey’s permission to play with her boyfriend. And so Hannah takes Frankie to the attic the experience first hand how it is to play with and dominate a guy much smaller still than her own boyfriend…

This chapter features incredible comparisons between the two giant female bodybuilders and little Frankie, an impressive lift of her dad by Hannah; flexing, worshipping and awesome comparison shots, confident muscle-domination, and so much more…

Muscles in the Family is a long female muscle growth series that tells the story of two girls who want to get bigger for one boy. Hannah and Hailey, starting out at thirteen and twelve years old respectively, have a crush on Leon. Leon is from a different mom and dad, but they have been living together ever since Hannah and Hailey’s mom got together with Leon’s dad. For all practical purposes, they’re siblings.

118 pages

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Muscles in the Family - chapter 12