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This Masters Of The Universe shirt shows an image of Orko, Prince Adam’s Trollan friend. Orko had many magical powers in his homeland of Trolla, but when a cosmic storm transported him to Eternia, he found that his powers were less powerful in a new dimension. Because of this, Orko supplied many comedic moments for the animated series. Orko was not part of the toy line’s fire release because he was created specifically by Filmation for the cartoon. Despite this he is still one of the most loved characters from He-Man and the Masters Of The Universe. Eventually Mattel released an Orko figure that had a cool rip cord feature to make him move. For any fan of Eternia’s Royal Buffoon, this is the shirt for you. Even though his face is hidden, everyone will know who is on your shirt because of Orko’s unmistakable blue skin, red shirt, and pointy hat.

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Orko Shirt

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