Tuffy’s Barn Yard Polly Piggy

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Tuffy’s Barn Yard Polly Piggy


Tuffy’s Barn Yard Animals each rank a “7” on the Tuffy’s Tuff Scale. Tuffy’s strives to create the world’s “tuff”est softest dog toys. They created the “Tuff Scale” to give you insight on how tuff the toy you’re buying compares against another. Some dogs are aggressive and can only have the tuffest toys ranked 8 and above. Other dogs may not be as aggressive or may be older and their chewing habits have slowed.

Tuffy’s goal is to help you purchase a toy suited for your dog’s needs. All their toys are made with the same extreme durable construction, but the shape of the toy can impact a dog’s ability to penetrate the toy over time. They are continually testing and creating new toys to be both stronger and safer for your dog. Indestructible is impossible, but they will keep trying!

Seven Rows of Stitching
Each toy’s four layers of material are sewn together with two rows of linear stitching and two rows of cross stitching. The four rows of stitching are protected with a nylon webbing that are sewn three more times!

Four Layers of Material
Two layers of 600 Denier nylon, one layer of pVC, and finally one layer of soft fleece. All four layers are rolled together and then sewn together four times in a one inch cross pattern to prevent layer separation.

Protective Webbing
Additional industrial grade nylon webbing is sewn around the outside edge with three rows of stitching to cover and protect the first 4 rows of stitching.

Squeaker Safety Pockets
Each squeaker is safe and quiet because they are sewn into a nylon safety pocket beneath four other layers of material.


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Tuffy's Barn Yard Polly Piggy

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